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Inclusive Design Challenge Forum

This forum provides an opportunity for project teams and potential advisors to connect with each other to collaborate and inform proposals. Teams participating in the Inclusive Design Challenge are strongly encouraged to identify representatives from both industry and the disability community. These representatives may serve as advisors and/or team members and help inform the direction of their idea based on their knowledge and expertise. Strong proposals will be well-informed by a rich understanding of user needs and industry conditions.

How it works:
  • Post a comment about your interest. For example, are you a team seeking an advisor, an advisor seeking a team, or do you have general question on the topic for your peers? If you are looking to connect with others, provide a way for them to contact you. All comments will be public information.
  • Check out questions, comments, or ideas others have suggested. You can even “like” a comment by voting to show your interest.
  • Be sure to create an account to sign in to be able to track responses to your post.
Thanks for joining our Challenge forum and for your interest in creating inclusive design solutions for the future of automated vehicles.

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