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  1. Data Ownership Rights

  2. Focus on data, or the decision making tool?

  3. Key Staff SMS Roles and Responsibilities  ·  Gathering feedback

  4. Novel Data Coverage

  5. What intellectual property (IP) rights will apply to the data and software deliverables produced in different phases

  6. Data for Phase I - are we expected to use best available data for the selected geography?

  7. Detailed Traffic Data Needs: Could you provide more details on the specific traffic data to focus on?

  8. Can you describe the traffic data to be provided?

  9. Handling More Data as We Grow: What scalability considerations are needed for our tools as data volume increases?

  10. Standard Data Formats: In what format should we submit our traffic data analysis to ensure compatibility with DOT systems?

  11. Preferred standard for data to fill in

  12. Minimum/ideal number of data elements to include in solution?

  13. Road Weather & Conditions

  14. Protecting Our Systems: What security measures are required to safeguard the traffic data and tools?

  15. Prompt and Output

  16. Keeping Traffic Tools Up-to-Date: What’s the expected frequency for data updates in our tools?

  17. Why no data detail for freight needs (e.g. unobstructed vertical clearance) other than freight volume counts in Table 2?

  18. Updating Traffic Information in Real-Time: How critical is real-time data processing for our tools, and what are the expectations?

  19. 3) "The algorithm may process data sources from either: (1) real-time data collected from proprietary or commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) sen

  20. External Computer Vision

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